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Delivery Times and Conditions.

  1. All delivery times are from the date we receive a finalised order Online or e-mail and when payment is made in full.
  2. Any modifications to the order will more than likely result in a delay to the delivery.
  3. ** ALUMINIUM ** Lead Times:

  4. Current estimated delivery times:
    1. RAL 7016 Grey Matt and RAL 9010 White Gloss: 2-3 weeks.
    2. As a manufacturer of aluminium products, we are reliant on the delivery of aluminium extrusions from our systems suppliers. Our suppliers only hold in stock RAL 9010 white gloss. All other colours are painted to order on a two week lead time to us from our date of order. This even applies to our most popular colour of RAL 7016 Grey Matt. This is industry wide and applies to all suppliers of aluminium windows and doors. Consequently we hold large stocks of RAL 7016 Grey Matt to allow us to deliver within 2-3 weeks. White is held in small quantities, as it is supplied ex- stock from our suppliers, allowing us to deliver in 2-3 weeks.***

    3. Any other RAL colour painted to both sides: 3-4 weeks.
    4. For any other RAL colour, except dual colour, we purchase mill finished extrusions to suit each individual order. This is then then powder coated separately. This process normally results in a 3-4 week lead time. ***

    5. Dual colours: 4-6 weeks.
      1. Aluminium extrusions are as standard made up of an outside and inside aluminium section which has been rolled onto a separate polyamide thermal break.
      2. All stock held by our suppliers of mill finished extrusions are held fully assembled. These sections can only be painted the same colour both sides.
      3. To achieve a dual colour section, our suppliers have to first extrude the aluminium sections required to suit each individual order. Each section is then sent to be painted. Once painted these sections are then sent to a third party company to roll the two sections together onto the polyamide thermal break. It is then dispatched back to our supplier who schedule it to us for delivery. This process creates the 4-5 week lead time. ***
      4. ***When extrusions are dispatched to us from our suppliers they are individually shrink wrapped for protection. This wrapping cannot be removed until it is required for production. If at this stage it is found that the paint finish is not acceptable or damaged this will delay the delivery on all products other than stocked Grey 7016 Matt and White 9010 Gloss. This could be up to 7 days on standard RAL colours to allow for repainting. On dual colours this could be another 4-5 weeks as same the manufacturing process by our suppliers has to be carried out. This is industry wide and there is nothing that can speed up the process. Although this is a very rare occurrence you must be aware at the point of order that this is a possibility and you should allow for this in your project management. At no time is the delivery time the essence of the contract and Slide and Fold Ltd will not accept any claim in relation to a delayed delivery.

  5. ** UPVC ** Lead Times:

  6. Current estimated delivery times:
    1. White UPVC: 2-3 weeks.
    2. Grey, Rosewood, Oak, Grey on White, Rosewood on White, Oak on White and Cream: 2-3weeks.
    3. Coloured UPVC is held in stock in small quantities, to meet most standard order sizes. If your order is large please ensure stocks are available to meet your order before placing.

    ** EXPRESSED PRODUCT ** Lead Times:

  7. Current estimated delivery times:
    1. Aluminium and UPVC Expressed Products (Not Patio Doors).
    2. Ten working days the day after the order was placed when paid in full or Ten working days after final payment made.

    3. Aluminium Expressed VisTA Patio Doors.
    4. Fifteen working days the day after the order was placed when paid in full or Ten working days after final payment made.

    Terms and Conditions of Delivery:

  8. Delivery times are Monday to Friday 7.00 am until finished, unless agreed otherwise in writing. You must allow proper access for a Heavy goods vehicle.
  9. The unloading of the vehicle is the customer's responsibility.
  10. Delivery is deemed to be at the roadside of the delivery address on the order confirmation.
  11. If there are any parking restrictions you must advise us prior to delivery.
  12. If a parking permit is required this must be available on the day of the delivery.
  13. Any meter or parking fees are to be paid by the customer.
  14. If there is no one at the delivery address the delivery will be re-scheduled at the convenience of the company and the customer will be subject to a seventy five pounds plus VAT charge.
  15. All health and safety precautions and site risk assessments are the customer's responsibility.
  16. At no time will the company be liable for loss or injury of any kind.
  17. All goods when received will be deemed delivered in good order unless stated at the time of delivery.
  18. No claims will be entertained after the day of delivery for damaged or missing articles.
  19. You must not arrange for the installation of the supplied product on the same or next day after delivery to allow for any shortages to be delivered. Any shortages will be delivered as soon as possible but with no specified time limit.
  20. The company is not responsible for any delay to the installation or ongoing project and any relating financial or consequential loss.
  21. At no time is the delivery time the essence of the contract and Slide and Fold Ltd will not accept any claim in relation to a delayed delivery.