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Locks and Handles for TecTURA Aluminium Folding Doors

Handle Design

The handles used on aluminium TecTURA doors are the same design for both opening out and in doors. Traffic doors are fitted with a lever handle, which operates a secured by design claw lock. Schemes 220, 202, 440, 404, 422, 660 and 606, do not have a single traffic door and can only be fitted with a low line handle which operates a shoot bolt locking system.

lever handles for aluminium folding doors

Lock specification

On TecTURA doors the lock specification is dependant on the choice of scheme. If you choose a scheme with a single traffic door, the lock to that door sash only will be a secured by design claw lock. Schemes with a non traffic door scheme use a shootbolt locking system. The claw locks into the main frame or adjacent door sash and the shootbolt locks into the concealed track at the top and bottom of the door.Aluminium folding door claw lock and shootbolt locking system

revolution handle for aluminium folding doors