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Locks and Handles for the Standard range of Folding Doors

The standard range of folding doors, manufactured since 2006 can be supplied with either internal handle only or handles both sides.

Internal Handle Only

satin silver tilt and turn handle for bi fold doors

Internal handle only is the popular choice for doors not designed as a main access. The handle on the last door operates up to six locking points, two to the top, bottom and side. On any another door the handle operates two locking points to the top and bottom. Due to the way the doors stack the handle design is different on open in or out doors.

    • All handles are key locking and the same design.
    • Choice of six colours.
    • If you also are buying other windows and doors from Slide and Fold the handles are an exact match.


    • To conform with insurance requirements, the traffic door is fitted with the same key locking handle used on Open In doors, with the same choice of colours.
    • In order that the doors stack correctly, the other handles are a sleek low level unobtrusive design.
    • This will always be white on white doors and satin silver on all other coloured doors.

Handle Both Sides

secured by design claw lick for folding doors

Handles both sides is the only option that allows outside access. It is fitted to the main traffic door only. The other handles are as the internal handle only option. The handle operates a secured by design claw lock, recommended by the police and automatically conforming to the Association of British Insurers (ABI) standard. This option is not available on scheme 220, 202, 440, 404, 660, and 606. If you require external handles and a high security claw lock on these doors, choose the bi-fold plus range of doors.

    • 24mm throw tensile steel security hooks.
    • Opposing High Security steel hooks 'barb, behind keeps by 8mm to help prevent the forcing apart of sash and frame.
    • Nickel plated sprung latch with 6mm thick tri-laminate steel 'anti-lift' centre hook with 20mm throw
secured by design lock secured by design police preferred