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RAL Colours

All aluminium products we supply are available in any RAL colour.

RAL CLASSIC is a collection of currently 210 colours 188 of which are body colours, 2 are micaceous iron colours, 5 are daylight luminous colours and 15 others are pearlescent colours. In order to be admitted to this collection a colour must be of superior interest and should not be subject to fashion trends. The RAL CLASSIC colours have a four-digit number in combination with the letters "RAL" (e.g. RAL 1028). The first digit is a system code number (1: yellow, 2: orange, 3: red, 4: violet, 5: blue, 6: green, 7: grey , 8: brown and 9: white and black shades). The remaining three digits are chosen sequentially. The name of a colour shade (e.g. melon yellow for RAL 1028) is an auxiliary designation. For a definite identification of a colour one should use both in order to avoid confusion caused by possible transposition of digits. Below are a large cross sample of some RAL Colours. As all monitors resolutions differ, for an exact representation of colour visit a paint or DIY store, where colour swatch cards give an exact colour match.

Ral 1000

Green Beige

Ral 1001


Ral 1002

Sand Yellow

Ral 1003

Signal Yellow

Ral 1004

Golden Yellow

Ral 1005

Honey Yellow

Ral 1006

Maize Yellow

Ral 1007

Daffodil Yellow

Ral 1011

Brown Beige

Ral 1012

Lemon Yellow

Ral 1013

Oyster White

Ral 1014


Ral 1015

Light Ivory

Ral 1016

Sulfur Yellow

Ral 1017

Saffron Yellow

Ral 1018

Zinc Yellow

Ral 1019

Grey Beige

Ral 1020

Olive Yellow

Ral 1021

Rape Yellow

Ral 1024

Ochre Yellow

Ral 1026

Luminious Yellow

Ral 1027


Ral 1028

Melon Yellow

Ral 1032

Broom Yellow

Ral 1033

Dahlia Yellow

Ral 2000

Yellow Orange

Ral 2001

Red Orange

Ral 2002


Ral 2003

Pastel Orange

Ral 2004

Pure Orange

Ral 2005

Luminious Orange

Ral 2007

Luminious Bright Orange

Ral 2008

Bright Red Orange

Ral 2009

Traffic Orange

Ral 2010

Signal Orange

Ral 2011

Deep Orange

Ral 2012

Salmon Orange

Ral 3000

Flame Red

Ral 3001

Signal Red

Ral 3002

Carmine Red

Ral 3003

Ruby Red

Ral 3004

Purple Red

Ral 3005

Wine Red

Ral 3007

Black Red

Ral 3009

Oxide Red

Ral 3013

Tomato Red

Ral 3014

Antique Pink

Ral 3017


Ral 3024

Luminious Red

Ral 3031

Orient Red

Ral 4001

Red Lilac

Ral 4002

Red Violet

Ral 4003

Heather Violet

Ral 4005

Blue Lilac

Ral 4010


Ral 5000

Violet Blue

Ral 5001

Green Blue

Ral 5008

Gray Blue

Ral 5009

Azure Blue

Ral 5012

Light Blue

Ral 5015

Sky Blue

Ral 5021

Water Blue

Ral 6000

Patina Green

Ral 6001

Emerald Green

Ral 6003

Olive Green

Ral 6013

Reed Green

Ral 6019

Pastel Green

Ral 6029

Mint Green

Ral 7000

Squirrel Grey

Ral 7004

Signal Grey

Ral 7015

Slate Grey

Ral 7023

Concrete Grey

Ral 7024

Graphite Grey

Ral 7026

Granite Grey

Ral 7035

Light Grey

Ral 8000

Green Brown

Ral 8001

Ocher Brown

Ral 8002

Signal Brown

Ral 8008

Olive Brown

Ral 8011

Nutt Brown

Ral 8022

Black Brown

Ral 8023

Orange Brown

Ral 8028

Terra Brown

Ral 9001


Ral 9002

Grey White

Ral 9004

Signal Black

Ral 9006

White Aluminium

Ral 9007

Grey Aluminium

Ral 9011

Graphite Black

Ral 9018

Papyrus White