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bi fold doors and self cleaninh glass

Standard Self Cleaning Glass

standard self cleaning glass without solar control

Self-cleaning glass uses a microscopic coating with a unique dual-action. The first stage is "photocatalytic" - the coating reacts with daylight to break down organic dirt. The second stage is "hydrophilic" - instead of forming droplets, rainwater hits the glass and spreads evenly, running off in a "sheet" and taking the loosened dirt with it, also drying quickly without leaving streaks.

Self Cleaning and Solar Control

self cleaning glass with solar controlIn hot climates, solar control glass can be used to minimise solar heat gain and help control glare. In temperate regions, it can be used to balance solar control with high levels of natural light. Solar control glass is ideal for large folding doors where solar heat gain could be an issue. This attractive blue glass, shown above, combines dual-action, self-cleaning properties with solar control performance for a cooler internal environment.