Window & Door Fittings and Supplies

Everything you might need for the installation and maintenance of your new doors and windows.

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Window & Door Fittings and Supplies

Explore our range of the perfect tools and supplies to help you with the installation of your doors and windows


Unleash your DIY creativity with our premium adhesives. From quick fixes to lasting bonds, our adhesives are your trusted partner for all your home improvement projects.

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Elevate your DIY game with our reliable fixings – the essential companions for securing and perfecting your projects, every time.

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Precision is in your hands with our versatile packers, ensuring impeccable alignment and levelling for your DIY projects.

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Seal the deal on your DIY triumphs with our high-quality sealants, providing a professional finish and long-lasting protection for all your projects.

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Empower your DIY ventures with our comprehensive range of top-notch tools, your go-to companions for tackling tasks with precision and achieving remarkable results.

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Add the perfect finishing touch to your DIY masterpiece with our exquisite trims, designed to enhance the beauty and elegance of your projects.

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Made in Britain

UK manufactured in house

All of our doors and windows are manufactured right here in Britain by our specialists. Keeping everything close to home allows us to deliver significant cost savings directly to you.

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