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Aluminium Flat Fixed Rooflight

500mm x 500mm (External Kerb Size)

Rooflights in aluminium grey in 500mm x 500mm, are a superb way to bring a little more natural light into your home.

Rooflights in aluminium grey in 500mm x 500mm, are a superb way to bring a little more natural light into your home.

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For example if you order a Lantern 900mm x 1200mm your EXTERNAL up-stand size needs to measure 900mm x 1200mm.

The most important thing to remember when deciding on what size rooflight you require is that the size of our windows (width x length) are measured to the external kerb/upstand, NOT to the size of the hole in your roof or the window itself.


We work to the external up-stand size as the thickness of up-stands can vary and therefore the internal size can vary depending on this. Using the external up-stand size maintains a reference point.

The up stand should be a minimum of 75mm thick and a minimum of 150mm high. It is the responsibility of a structural engineer to ensure the upstands are suitable to withstand the weight imposed by the glazing system and ALL associated loads.

All upstands are to be suitably weathered and the surface to which the rooflight is fixed is to be true and free from undulations.

Suitable for flat roofs of between 0 and 15 degrees, if the roof is less than 5 degrees, the timber kerb must be made at an angle to deliver a minimum 5-degree slope

The industry standard is 150mm. A stub cill may be required if you have a small reveal or are sitting your door forward in the reveal and want to minimize the projection of the cill. You may choose an 190mm cill if the door is sitting back in the reveal and you need to bridge the brickwork at the base of the door.

The 190mm and 225mm cills have to be selected on triple track sliding patio door systems, due to the width of the bottom frame.

Grey RAL 7016 Matt
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